Business Machines have now been successfully manufacturing Crest to Crest Wave springs and one of the leaders in India to manufacture the same. Crest to Crest Wave Washers have multifold advantages over the conventional compression springs & widely used in Mechanical Seals, Valves & various other industries, typically for applications requiring low-medium spring rates and large deflections with low-medium forces.

Crest-to-Crest Wave washers are pre-stacked in series, decreasing the spring rate proportionally to the number of turns. This will maintain the same force and load specifications of a conventional round wire washer with an additional advantage resultant lowered and compacted operating heights, free heights and solid heights.. As a replacement for helical compression springs, Crest-to-Crest springs can develop similar forces, yet occupy one-half (1/2) or less the axial space that allows for strict space constraints.

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